about us

Craftsman John Adams has loved to work with his hands his entire life and has always believed that true American craftsmanship is still something worth buying. JB Adams Designs, a custom furniture design company based in Brownsburg, Indiana, is based on the belief that true quality, beauty, and craftsmanship can’t be mass produced.
John’s love of wood design goes back to his childhood. Growing up next door to his grandfather, a woodworker, John began to appreciate the skills, time and patience it took to create custom pieces of furniture from rough sawn wood. He studied his grandfather’s techniques, as well as the methods of famous furniture designers, and worked tirelessly over the years to develop his own skill set in woodworking.

As a custom furniture builder, John works with his clients to design unique pieces that meet their every expectation. Clients are involved every step of the way. There is no assembly line, and no two finished products are ever alike.

Your custom furniture is designed to last a lifetime.

Owning a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture isn’t an exclusive club for the elite. We want everyone to enjoy our products, and JB Adams Designs works hard to deliver top-notch items that work with a range of budgets.

If you have a desire for something unique that will make a statement, consider JB Adams Designs. When it comes to custom woodworking, it’s more than just furniture — it’s art.